Field Observations

Currently our observations have to be limited to  tracking, scat measurement, and personal observations.  Nepal requires permits to be secure for the collection of scat and the use of camera traps.  We are hopeful to secure the necessary permits in 2016.

Interviewing Locals

From 2011 through 2015, we've interviewed approximately 30 individuals concerning wildlife found in the area.  Twenty three villagers stated they have observed leopards in the area over the years and 10 villagers stated that they had encountered tigers.  Limited field observations have only allowed our team to confirm the presence of leopards.

Present Findings

Our research to date has indicated a diverse array of wildlife in the area, making it possible for tigers to maintain a presence.   Even though we are working with a limited amount of funds reducing our field time, and the lack of collection permits, what evidence and information we have be able to collect suggests both tiger and leopards are in the area.  A more detailed study is required in order to rule out the presence of tigers.


Measuring Prints

When it comes to measuring paw prints, or "pugmarks", there can be some overlap between adult leopards and young tigers. According to a 2005 Pugmark Guide, plushed by WWF - India,

1. Pugmarks with PML less than 6 cms are likely to belong to
lesser cats.
2. PML of pugmarks falling between 5 - 7 cms could belong to
leopard cubs.
3. PML of pugmarks falling between 7 - 9.5 cms may belong
to adult leopards.
4. Pugmarks with PML falling between 7 - 10 cms could have
been made by Tiger cubs.
5. PMLs from 9 - 17 cms indicate adult tigers.

Species Diversity

We've been able to identify many species in the project area, coexisting with villagers.  We also believe that a few species, such as the nalgai antelope, which have never been recorded in the area, are also present.  We hope to confirm nalgai antelope and other species never recorded in this region of Nepal.


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